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  1. 先月の走行距離は2キロでした。今月も目標走行距離150キロ達成できました。来月からハイアルチ(低酸素ジム)を週1から週2回に変更したので、ジムのみで月40キロ(5キロ×8)走れます。来月から月に1回はフルを走る予定なので故障さえしなければ月200キロぐらいは走れそうです。(目標は150キロで固定)




なんて返事しようかな?「ビットコインで送金してくれ」以上 としましょう。



Hello brother, thank you for accepting my request. My name is Wang Yang,

I am a co-owner of Wang Hong Law House.

I am a Real Estate lawyer here in Singapore.

I contacted you because you live in Japan and your surname is the same with Ben.

Please pardon my mode of approach and read my message carefully. In the year 2008,

I was the personal lawyer of a very wealthy businessman from Japan that lived here in Singapore, Mr. Ben Fujii.

He was a very wealthy businessman with a lot of real estate investments here in Singapore. As a lawyer, I helped Mr. Ben to open a fixed deposit account for a period of 4 years, valued at Two Million, Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$2,400,000) with HSBC Bank Singapore.

The maturity date for this deposit account was supposed to be 9th of July 2012, but unfortunately Mr. Ben died after suffering a sudden cardiac illness in May 2010.

Since the maturity date till now, the fixed deposit account is still at HSBC Bank Singapore.

The management of HSBC Bank Singapore are not aware Mr. Ben have died long ago.

There is no relative to lay claims to the account till now. I received a call last month from HSBC Bank that this deposit account will soon expire. As soon as the fixed deposit account expire it will become a property of HSBC Bank. I need you to work with me so that I can make you the beneficiary to the account because you have the same surname and come from the same country. I will tell HSBC bank to close the account and remit the money to the beneficiary. When the fixed deposit account is closed, you can choose to receive the money in your Japanese bank account or I will help you to open a bank account here in Singapore to receive the money. It will be better for the both of us to benefit from this transaction, instead of allowing the money to expire and become a property of HSBC Bank Singapore. Everything will be done through a legal process here in Singapore. If you accept for us to work together and close this account, we will share the money equally when the transaction is completed. Please read message carefully and reply.

I contacted you because you have the same country and surname with Ben. I will like to explain more better to you on how we shall do this transaction together. I want to also send you the account documents along with my Lawyer ID. Send me your email so that I can explain better and forward all the documents to you.



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